Keeping your Passion in the Profession & Avoiding Burnout

From Dr. Corrie Jones, DPT – lead Instructor for How 2 PT.  I’m thankful that PT is a profession that demands continued learning.  The importance of maintaining and understanding the latest research and obtaining CEUs is helpful to keep interest in the profession.  I’m thankful that PT covers so many different aspects of the human…

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How 2 PT: What is Covered

The How 2 PT Course will deep dive into what makes a great Physical Therapist, with over 3 hours of content that covers: Module 1: Your Context This module is all about how to be an intentional, effective and influential physical therapist.  “Know thyself” is the starting point to serving others.  Self-awareness and helps us understand our…

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How 2 PT: What & Why

To all the PT’s out there that know there’s more to our profession than what school taught us!  This is for you! We’re starting the first cohort for How 2 PT! If you want to dive deeper into what makes our profession special and how to be the best PT you can be for your…

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How 2 PT: Rewind

If you could rewind and were fresh out of school, what 2 or 3 things do you really wish you would have done or looked for?  I’m very thankful for the lessons I learned when I first got out of school.  I was definitely a graduate of the school of hard knocks, having taken a…

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