How 2 PT: What is Covered

The How 2 PT Course will deep dive into what makes a great Physical Therapist, with over 3 hours of content that covers:

Module 1: Your Context

This module is all about how to be an intentional, effective and influential physical therapist.  “Know thyself” is the starting point to serving others.  Self-awareness and helps us understand our own experiences so that we can then identity with others experiences.  That leads to empathy, compassion, understanding perspective and eventually leadership.  We wrap with some discussion about effective communication to build trust and ensure your message gets across.

Module 2: The Rehab Context

There’s a lot to consider when a patient walks into the clinic for an evaluation.  In this module we talk about how to keep our patients safe and understanding when to refer out.   We talk about the importance of diagnosis and being intentional in our assessments for each individual.  Finally, we set the groundwork in understanding concepts of learning so that our  treatments are effective and help people get to their goals as quickly as possible.

Module 3: The Training Context

This is the bread and butter of PT.  In this section we walk through logical progressions in therapeutic exercise and plyometrics.  We talk about session flow and training considerations for our patients.  We talk about objective testing in order to make sound clinical decisions and clinical reasoning to ensure we’re offering our patients best practice in clinical care.

Module 4: The Patient Context

This module is all about the patient.  We want to dive into the psychosocial side of physical therapy and see how knowing our patients and helping them feel seen and heard impacts our clinical care and the relationship of trust with our patients.  We discuss social and emotional intelligence and the need to gain buy-in and trust through personalized plans of care.  We want our patients to have fun, feel comfortable and welcomed in our presence.  This is how healing starts!

Module 5:  The DPT Context

We know PT is a very complexed, creative, scientific, philosophical, variable profession.  There’s lot that goes into trying to navigate a complex system that changes with every client that walks in the door.  “It depends” is a true reality.  In this module we try to pull it all together and simplify the context of the profession.  We want to offer advice for when things feel overwhelming and encourage you all to keep learning.  It’s the law of marginal gains and even a tiny growth mindset can pay big dividends in becoming >yesterday!


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