How 2 PT: What & Why

To all the PT’s out there that know there’s more to our profession than what school taught us!  This is for you!

Join us for the next cohort of How 2 PT! If you want to dive deeper into what makes our profession special and how to be the best PT you can be for your clients, this is the experience for you!  

What: How 2 PT is all about connection!

  • We want to connect you with our mindset behind therapy, your peers’ ideas for what therapy can be and the research that’s making therapy better EVERY day! 
  • It’s mentorship, discussion boards and monthly case studies to help us all get better at what we do and connect the dots to get our patients the success they’re so passionate about! 
  • This is a holistic look at what makes a good PT and what makes the patient feel like they had a great PT experience.  This is what builds your community into a stronger one!

Why: In school, they taught us a lot about how to keep people safe and pass the boards. Now, we want to be excellent PTs! 

  • Present our best selves and have the most wisdom and knowledge, while also understanding how to connect with people.  We want to dive into what helps us gain patient trust. 
  • Know how to progress and regress exercise sensibly from our most limited patients to our highest level athletes! 
  • Serve for the right reasons and find out how to create buy-in for our patients and get on the same page so we can reach our goals together. 
  • School showed us the hard science, so this course will discuss this AND reach into the connection we can make in the psychosocial realm. 
  • Adapt our treatment to address the patient environment and context. 

THIS is what we dive into in How 2 PT!  

Who: This is an interactive course. It’s for clinicians who truly want to dive deeper and be >yesterday! 

  • If you want to find out how to be excited about your day and thoughtful about your patients, this is for you. 
  • It’s not a course to just get through.  We want clinicians to dig deep into their reason for practicing and be reflective on why they treat the way they do. 
  • We want to help you bring evidence-based knowledge and understanding into the biopsychosocial model of caring for the people in front of them. 
  • We are interested in learning from you all as well!  

When: January 1st, 2024!  We are excited to get this cohort started!  Get all the details and lock in your spot HERE


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