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Join the R2P Academy at our In-Person Concussion Rehab Course!

Join the R2P Academy at our In-Person Concussion Rehab Course!

Presented by Dr. Paula McCorkle, DPT, OCS, CSCS
& Dr. Chris Serrao, DPT, CSCS

This Blueprints 2 Concussion Rehab Course is designed for clinicians looking to develop their understanding of concussion identification and rehabilitation for patients ranging from young athletes with sports injuries to older adults experiencing falls. Clinicians will walk away confident in their ability to manage concussions in any setting, from sideline to discharge. 

CEUs Pending Approval. Intended for 12+ Hours over 2 Days.

At a time when concussions are becoming ever more recognized as a serious, and treatable, injury, there is a higher need for evidence based skilled care for those suffering. The goals of this course are to dispel common myths and misconceptions regarding brain injuries and empower clinicians that may feel they have a gap in knowledge on managing concussions.

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  • Understand concussion pathophysiology and prevalence and how this may influence care
  • Confidently test, identify, and treat impairments related to concussions and identify and address factors that may seem unrelated to concussion
  • Recognize prognostic factors and develop an appropriate plan of care for all presentations
  • Become confident on discharge criteria and evidence based return to sport planning and testing

Two-Day Format

Day one will primarily consist of lecture to understand underlying mechanisms of concussion and how specific rehabilitation and recommendations can help patients.

Day two, attendees should come ready to move in comfortable athletic clothing and footwear for immersive lab interactions regarding higher level treatment and return to sport testing.

The second day will build heavily off of day one material and consist of a review during the first hour of the course. A hard copy learning assessment will be distributed to all participants and will be reviewed by the course instructors on the second day.


  • Physical therapists looking to direct management of patients and return them to their prior level of function
  • Physical therapy assistants that may engage in treatment and education of patients throughout their plan of care
  • Athletic trainers looking to strengthen their confidence in daily interactions with their athletes suffering from concussions 
  • New grads and students who may have an interest in treating brain injuries to help patients and further make themselves marketable as niche therapist


  • Prevalence and risk factors
  • Pathophysiology of traumatic brain injury 
  • Sideline testing and referral 
  • Red flag screening 
  • Prognostic factors related to concussion recovery 
  • Treatment strategies
  • Return to sport testing with lecture and lab 
  • Discharge criteria for athletes and the older adult
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Florida: September 14-15, 2024 @ ARIES PT

1115 E Sunrise Blvd
Fort Lauderdale, FL, 33304

Boston: September 21-22, 2024 @ Elliott PT


Maryland: October 12-13, 2024 @ R2P

6710A Rockledge Drive, Suite 120A
Bethesda, MD 20817

Seattle: October 26-27, 2024 @ HIDEF

332 Burnet Ave S.
Renton, WA 98057

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