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How 2 PT: Module 3 Breakdown!

After finishing an initial evaluation it’s sometimes difficult to figure out what to prioritize. There are no set rules for this process. However, I’ll submit that there can be  general guidelines to your treatment process based on the basic principles of tissue healing times, neurodynamics,  kinesiology, physiology and biomechanics.  Let’s talk through what it might look like to choose the “low hanging fruit” at an initial evaluation and then progress session to session to take “layers of dysfunction” off and progress closer to the athlete’s goals for therapy. 

The key  in treatment choice is graded exposure to load overall. Manage the magnitude of the forces placed on the body  and you’ll be able to assess the capacity of the overall loading of the body as a whole. Our  bodies are designed in a way that manages tension and load with a shared dynamic. Our spine  is stacked in a way to manage load by spreading it among the vertebrae. Our legs don’t have a  single joint, they have a hip, a knee, an ankle and many joints in the foot! As one joint has a  lessened capacity to load, the other joints will effectively try to “take up the slack.” It’s a supply  and demand issue! If the demand is high and a particular joint can’t supply the stability  necessary, the body will find another joint to supply the needs to meet the magnitude of the  demand, aka the load.  

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