The Journey: Dr. Funk


I remember like it was yesterday. There I stood, in the kitchen of my mother’s house, staring at myself in the mirror on the first day of my first full-time job.

“What will I even do with the people on my schedule today?

What if I have someone who is more active on my schedule? What if I have someone who is an athlete?”

I just graduated from Physical Therapy school but fully recognized the limited experience that I had gained working with individuals with higher level needs and goals. PT school had done a great job of preparing me to work with the traditional patient, one who just wanted to get back to walking and moving around the house. The doubt was starting to creep in with every minute passing as I was about to begin my career as a physical therapist.

And off I went, to my first day at the local private practice that had developed a reputation for being one of the better physical therapy clinics in the area. I was pretty sure that I had been hired there because of my athletic background and my involvement in the community over the years, but that did little to calm the continual questioning in my head as to whether I would be able to be the kind of physical therapist they expected of me. With a lot of involvement in the running, cycling and youth sports community, I knew that I was going to be challenged relatively quickly in my ability to serve a higher level of patient.

Throughout those first few weeks, I was continually humbled by my inability to take experience and education, and formulate it into a plan. No matter how much rehabilitation and training I was exposed to during my college years at Ohio State, and my years playing lacrosse professionally, I didn’t actually have a structure in which to plan the sessions for each patient. I recognized that just because I had been exposed to higher level rehab, both as a patient and as an observer, that it meant absolutely nothing for creating a systematic process for consistent results.

This is why we created the Academy.

We know that there are many other people out there who share the same story that I have, and those of my fellow R2P Academy team members. We want to help you hack the growth paths that we had to go through over the years.

Think differently. Analyze differently. Conclude Differently. Deliver differently.

It is our mission that your experience with everything that we have to offer through the R2P Academy, will truly accelerate your growth and magnify your impact as a sports and orthopedic focused physical therapist.

To Your Growth,

Dr. Josh Funk

The R2P Academy

Setting the New Standard in Performance Rehab for Professionals through Educational Seminars, Mentorship & Online Courses the R2P Academy has offerings from Student Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coaches to established Physical Therapists and Business Owners. Check out all of the offerings Here.

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