The Journey: Dr. Jarred Boyd

Mobility before stability, closed chain over open chain, isolated before integrated the list goes on when it comes to the traditional concepts embedded within the physical therapy profession. It is these notions that were delivered throughout the didactic portion of graduate school that served as a framework for my first year as clinician. Adding fuel to the fire, my first position as a physical therapist was working in a setting that prioritized passive stretching of structures presumed to be “tight” and “fascial sling” training or a standardized band routine in an attempt to facilitate strength.

These methods and practices from the didactic to the clinic setting in which I skeptically subscribed to created a duality of reductionism and complexity.

Complexity seemed to emerge as I attempted to orchestrate the abundance of facts and methods I was exposed to without any anchoring principles. On the opposite end of the spectrum overt reductionism emerged as I attempt to condense integrated manifestations into isolated incidents. Each of these extremes, led me drowning in a sea of ambiguity and at times even provided a false sense of security that I “know” the entire truth and fully understand the concept at hand. As a consequence I was left with what felt like inadequate navigation of the rehabbing athlete.

I knew, however, I possessed the potential thanks to my clinical rotations at EXOS, University of Tennessee and the US Air Force Academy. The tools -methods/intervention strategies-  were already there, however, I needed a toolbox -principles/framework-  to place and organize them. The impetus for the development of principles and processes occurred upon leaving my first position and joining Rehab 2 Perform™. It was there where I was not only able to immerse myself within a preferred population of the active and athletic but also where fluid algorithms, reconditioning spectrums, and needs analyses were created. This eased my vulnerability in the face of uncertainty as I became anchored to principles and overarching concepts that guided a more refined clinical reasoning.

R2P Academy is undoubtedly a continuing education course that will cultivate confidence, logical reasoning and a blueprint to help navigate clients through the reconditioning process. It is predicated off of the various experiences each lecturer has had and as a result has aimed to fill the gaps so there can be a harmony between the art and science of physical rehabilitation, ultimately to help clients realize their potential.

Embrace the Gray.

-Dr. Jarred Boyd

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