The Acquisition of Deceleration

What goes up must come down

Thoughts from: Jarred Boyd, PT, DPT, MSAT, SCS, CSCS  | Director of Rehab, Memphis Grizzlies

The acquisition of deceleration – slowing ones momentum (mass x velocity) is a critical variable in performance pursuits. However, it is also an essential need that warrants restoration subsequent to various tissue injuries/insult

Eccentric based loading may serve as a method to promote ones capacity to reverse downward acceleration of the body’s center of mass, which is frequently incurred during sport. Demonstrating a decrement of this biomechanical quality may potentiate transition zone biased injuries (i.e. ACL) where rapid rates in eccentric deceleration force production is required. Additionally, high magnitude external forces can direct the body into kinematically challenging positions

However, eccentric training, especially in the reconditioning realm, often use tactics that may under deliver the sought after stimulus. For example, Tempo tactics with long time under tension eccentric may be implemented for eccentric capacity adaptations. Although this tactic has utility it may not service the specific goal of eccentric strength capacity as the relative load lifted has to be lowered and the velocity is inherently limited. This fails to capitalize on physiological principles whereby eccentric force generation capacity is better adapted by higher magnitude loads and velocities. Thus, this is where constrained activities such as the use of isokinetic dynamometry may be a viable solution or accentuated eccentric loading (capitalizing on aspects of magnitude and velocity)

All eccentric tactics don’t confer the same adaptations so be sure to understand what quantities your athlete needs and then reverse engineer the process to supply the appropriate constituents

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