Stress & Strain: Capacity Exceeding Sports Injuries

Thoughts from: Jarred Boyd, PT, DPT, MSAT, SCS, CSCS  | Director of Rehab, Memphis Grizzlies

Excessive External Stress & Strain Loads > Internal Stress & Strain Capacity >> Tissue Fatigue/Failure

Here is a schematic of my inherently reductionist view on stress/strain and the interplay between volume and intensity biased tissue insult


This graphic serves as a GPS, blurring some of the lines to understand what provocative loading variable should be reduced initially, encouraging symptomology reduction and a less vulnerable environment for tissue loading. Removing the instigator or reducing it to a level that allows room in the ”stress bucket” to allocate more of the required stress, inoculating patients against future exposure.

The second reason I find value in the delineation is because it gives insight into what the athlete will NEED to tolerate and have the capacity for upon return to sport – a significant variable in team sports

This is not stating volume is the sole load variable responsible for bone stress and tendinopathy hence the outline of red around the pendulum to illustrate that intensity still serves as a backdrop. The same is true for intensity not being the sole load variable response for ligamentous and muscular insult

Lastly, stress and strain are not inherently deleterious forces as they are required to induce biological/mechanical adaptations. It is perhaps, when the pendulum is pushed too far when potentially disturbances may arise

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