Sports Rehab For The Gymnastic Athlete

The gymnastics population has a unique set of demands and stresses that occur with training and competition. Listen in to see what  should be taken into consideration for successful rehab and management of this patient population.

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On this recent podcast episode with the team at Flight Performance, Dr. Mike discusses a variety of topics related to becoming a better thinker, mentorship, and how to blend concepts of strength and conditioning within the realm of rehabilitation. Mike elaborates on the concept of mental models and how they can be a powerful tool to improve clinical decision making. Additionally, the episode covers the importance and utilization of energy systems development from early stage rehabilitation up through high level return to sport demands through the lens of reverse engineering. Lastly, the episode discusses the nuance of the “just load it” approach to rehabilitation — the potential benefits as well as some of the likely shortcomings of ascribing solely to this approach.

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