Research may be the Speed Bump we Need

Thoughts from: Jarred Boyd, PT, DPT, MSAT, SCS, CSCS  | Director of Rehab, Memphis Grizzlies

Slow it down!

I view research as cultivating the capacity to maneuver through clinical practice with skeptical inquiry rather than meandering with gullible conjecture

It doesn’t provide of us with all we need to know nor does it or should it resolve uncertainty but perhaps it’s a speed bump; slowing us down to provide time to use our system two (slow, deliberate, analytical thinking) rather than succumbing to the first instinct fallacy or novelty bias, etc.

Reducing our convictions and rethinking our processes require us to one temper our innate tendency to react abruptly and secondly be “bound” to some degree of scientific credence

Sometimes we may find ourselves on autopilot or easily swayed by a method of low utility – frivolous in nature, without ever appraising our process and more importantly the current beliefs that prompted us to formulate said process.

Intentionally placing speed bumps in place in the manner of literature reviews,
“challenge groups/peers”, reflective
journaling etc may ameliorate our proclivity to shield our egos, defend our position(s), and be overconfident in our decisions

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