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NCAA Cinderella stories, the World Cup, Olympic Gold medal round, these are the moments adolescent Anthony lived for and dreamed of. Like a Rocky Montage injected straight into the blood stream, nothing got me more focused or driven on improving my performance. I admired the skill, determination, and ability to overcome challenges.

Above all, I loved learning about the process and the stories that paved the path to peak performance. With each story it was clear that the path to success was driven by more than sweat. The mission was anchored to a detailed process.


My mission then took me into the driveway shooting free throws, fine tuning penalty kick precision to the right side net, and hill sprints up the driveway. Blind effort fueled by buzzer beater dreams works to a point. Motivation can be fleeting. The pounds of effort may never be balanced by the weight of results on the other end of the scale. Work without a process lacks efficiency and direction and the odds may never play out in your favor. I met amazing coaches in this time who set a path, directed this energy, and helped line the road with guardrails to guide this energy and effort. The helped to define a process to and give structure to my mission.

My mission now meets people at their story. I strive to provide guidance to those looking to create an alchemy that turns motivation, desires, dreams, and effort into results. Much like my early mission, it started with blind effort. Read as much as possible, coach athletes for hours on end, absorb as much information as possible. Motivation, repetition, exhaustion. And just like in sport, I got better up to a point. Just like the kid in the driveway, I was lacking a process.

Fortunately, mentorship again helped to begin shaping this for me. It led me to step back from my rocky montage-esque efforts and ask “why and when” before I started punching frozen meat or chasing chickens.

It allowed me to ask better questions and learn that the answers would only lead to more questions. It gave me permission to say “I don’t know” and become comfortable operating with uncertainty. And ultimately it led me to construct a bedrock of principles on which my process can infinitely evolve.


We did not create R2P Academy to simply give answers or provide that new information high that quickly fizzles out. We created it to help you define your principles that will be an anchor to your learning process. We created it to help you build your process. To create a framework in which to interlace your personal experiences. We built it for your long term professional evolution.

In our profession today, we have no shortage of information. You can access lectures from the most highly sought out experts with a few clicks and a wifi connection. You stumble on limitless exercise options, peer reviewed research, or rehabilitation and performance programs while you are sipping your morning coffee. What you cannot find is someone to make the real time decisions for you when a patient or client is asking for your help. You cannot find someone to synthesize this mountain of information into reproducible models. In the moment, none of this will be there to take that shot at the buzzer, only you relying on the process that got you to that moment.

We simply want to pay forward what our coaches and mentors did for us by providing guidance to help you build your best clinical process. Your energy and motivation can truly change lives. Create an avenue to channel it.

To your process,

Dr. Anthony Iannarino

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