Grind 2 Greatness!

An Eight Week, Equipment Free, Strength & Conditioning Guide 2 Elevate Your Game!

This Training Guide is an 8 week (3 days a week) body-weight strength and conditioning program designed to better prepare football athletes who do not have access or familiarity with the fundamentals of weightlifting programs.

It is primarily geared towards late elementary and middle school aged athletes (aged 10-14) of all position groups.

In a sport like football where availability is the best ability, the significance of preparedness is astronomical. Developing strength is arguably the most important piece of athletic progression in youth.

Not only will it improve performance but it can also reduce the risk of injury. Use this Guide to begin your Grind 2 Greatness.

Designed & Created by Dr. Dustin Colbert, DPT, ATC
Performance Physical Therapist, Trainer & Football Coach

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