ACL Bridge Bundle

Tear your ACL  and cleared from therapy anywhere from 6-12 months without a defined plan and program? Use these guides to continue your ACL Rehab journey…

This Bundle includes all Three (3) Phases, totally 36 weeks | This program is for individuals who have successfully completed at least 6 months of ACL rehab. It is designed to ensure individuals are maintaining a structured strength, conditioning, and plyometric program while returning back to their sport.

The program is a broken down into 6 week phases that include 6 days of scheduled activity. Each week the athlete will have a structured strength, conditioning, and plyometric program with 2 days of zone 2 cardio and 1 day of mobility to be used as needed if out of season. The workouts will change after the 6 week mark.

Phase 1: This phase is focused on hypertrophy with the goal of increasing muscle fibers and muscle mass. Weight will be moderate (80% 1 rep max) with reps of 6-12 to induce this change in the muscle.

Phase 2: This phase is focused on strength using heavier weight (>85% 1 rep max), less reps, and more rest time between sets. This type of training works on improving your body’s ability to communicate between your nervous system and musculoskeletal system. The goal is to increase your nervous systems ability to use more muscle fibers when lifting heavier weight.

Phase 3: This phase is focused on power looking to perform slow controlled movement down with a focus on an explosive, fast push up from the bottom position. Weight should remain heavy (>85% 1 rep max) but reps will drop and rest will remain longer between sets. With power training the goal is to move a heavy external load in the shortest amount of time.

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These Templates were created by Performance Physical Therapist, Dr. Stephanie Nichols, DPT

physical therapist acl

“My name is Stephanie Nichols and I have been working at R2P for over 3 years now. While I love working with all patients and diagnosis, I have a special passion for post op ACL rehab as I have personally recovered from 3 ACL reconstructions myself. I have felt the devastation of this injury, have been through the long and sometimes grueling rehab process, and have felt the true excitement and joy when you finally get back on the field. It is because of this that I am so excited and truly passionate about this program and ensuring that all our ACL patients achieve long term success return to their desired activities!”

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