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Building a Successful Sports PT Practice with Josh Funk


I know many people want to open their own clinic one day. It’s a great dream to build something the way you want.

I’ve been really impressed watching Josh Funk, from Rehab 2 Perform, do just this from afar.

R2P is doing a great job focusing on clinical care and the development of their staff, while still working in an insurance-based model.

On this episode, we talk about this model and how R2P sticks to these core values.

Show Notes

Dr. Josh Funk is the founder and CEO of Rehab 2 Perform. A lifelong athlete, Josh became interested in becoming a physical therapist when going through PT as a D1 lacrosse player at Ohio State. After avoiding shoulder surgery for a torn labrum and rotator cuff, Josh has been entrenched in the world of physical therapy and sports performance. Over the years, he has continually developed his knowledge base and expertise as a physical therapist, and as a business owner. A Montgomery County resident, Josh is heavily involved in all areas of the community throughout the DMV.

Dr. Josh Funk was born and raised in Montgomery County, MD and attended Poolesville High School. Josh went on to play Division 1 lacrosse and earn a B.S. degree from The Ohio State University before earning his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree from the University of Maryland-Baltimore. It was a little over 3 years after graduating from Maryland, that Rehab 2 Perform was founded in late 2014.

Dr. Funk is committed to ensuring that Rehab 2 Perform is one of the most well-run and well-known health care companies in the country. Dr. Funk has immersed himself in business programs and community initiatives over the past few years in his efforts to ensure that the team and clients of Rehab 2 Perform are receiving everything they need to be at their best. Of note, he completed two business accelerator programs with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), is a Goldman Sach’s 10,000 Small Businesses Graduate, and a Fellow of the Birthing of Giants program. It is his goal to push Rehab 2 Perform to the forefront of the community through innovation, progressive business operations, strategic growth and clinical excellence.

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