How 2 Speak Your Clients Language

“Take things as they are. Punch when you need to punch. Kick when you need to kick” – Bruce Lee  What is your primary professional language?  Where does your comfort lie?  Barbells? Pain science education? Yoga? Manual Therapy? Running? If we are more proficient and comfortable with a certain language we are prone to speak…

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Periodization 2.0: Modern Tactics for Periodization

Last month we discussed the principles of periodization, how it may (or may not) be useful, and when it can be utilized within our reconditioning process. This previous discussion lays the groundwork for a deeper understanding and implementation of progressive overload through the lens of periodization. If you have not already, I encourage you to…

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Don’t Make This Return to Run Mistake

Slow jogging or as the literature often refers to it “slogging” (Ugh, it’s even just terrible to say-  “Slogging)  is underwhelmingly un-athletic. It’s often lazy and lumbering. It’s lukewarm. Sport is dynamic.

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Why do we need periodization?

Periodization principles can provide a tremendous overarching framework for reconditioning and rehabilitation that hold the coach, clinician, and athlete accountable to progressive change over time while minimizing the risk of doing too much too soon.

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5 Questions You Must Address

Answering these 5 questions often casts a wide enough net to wrangle up most of the loitering elephants.

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Building a Better Deadlift

As with all activities, there is likely a time, place, and method that each and every one of our clients could benefit from performing some variation of deadlifting. The intent of this discussion is to dive into some of the most common deadlifting Do’s and Don’ts!

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Where Does Your Problem Live?

Problems come in levels. They come with knowns and unknowns. Predictability and uncertainty. Certainly, not all are created equal. The decision to have chicken or salmon for dinner carries less weight than which college to attend.  Do you know what realm the one you are tackling lives in? Defining this allows us to pick the…

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3 Steps to Dosing Return to Run

Managing running workloads can be challenging. Ask any runner pushing their volume or intensity, this is a complex and deeply individual jigsaw puzzle. Adding in the element of injury recovery can make this process even more noisy. There are a number of factors to consider with a weaving web of interplay that will affect our…

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Navigating Imposter Syndrome

“You don’t know what you don’t know” This is something we have all undoubtedly seen or experienced ourselves. Witnessing the look of terror unfold in a student’s eyes as they are asked a question or faced with a situation with which they do not know how to respond. A deer in headlights, frozen in time…

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How to Establish an Agile Plan

Working with humans is complex and with this are best plans often turn to dust. Rigid plans and programs are handcuffs. Rather than working off a playbook or protocol we must be agile. Shorter iterative plans allow us to make decisions based on the most recent data. They allow us to course correct in real…

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