What Do We “Know” About Running Injuries?

What do we “know” about running injuries? If we reduce the question down to its core elements, it is conversation about managing forces. It’s a conversation about tissues being able to dampen external forces and use them to produce internal forces to act back upon the ground. It’s about them being able to handle these…

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Metrics that matter

We all love and crave data. There is an insatiable thirst to have numbers to back us up and put our money on. A desire for information that can guide and enhance our decision making.  The million dollar question is: which metrics really matter?

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Brain Fuel: Do Mechanics Matter?

Is there an “correct” solution to a movement problem? Opinions from movements professionals seem to live on a spectrum between two polarized opinions. On one end is the biomechanical purist who would deviate towards the belief that movements need to be precise and align with biomechanical models of efficiency. The extreme end of this argument…

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Myths & Misconceptions: Strength Training Edition

We are switching things up this go round to discuss some of the most prevalent myths and misunderstandings that we come across in regards to strength training. Our goal is to highlight some of the most frequent misconceptions and false narratives that arise with patients. Below are some examples of how we address and attempt…

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Creating a Home Field Advantage

In over 10,000 NCAA 1-A Football games, the home team won 59.97% of the time. From body paint to crude taunts, teams and fan bases will go a long way to create any sort of edge to increase their probability of success. In 1979, the head coach of Iowa football, Hayden Fry went as far…

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Injury Mitigation

An updated perspective on the concept of “injury prevention” The proceeding discussion is in response to a discussion that resonated with me from this past weekend’s online summit. Our very own Jarred Boyd opened the floor to discuss the question of, “what is injury prevention?” and the responses were both phenomenal and humbling. “Injury prevention”…

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Not Seeing Progress? Here are 6 Questions to Ask. 

We’ve all been in this situation. You look at your schedule and it’s the client you just can’t seem to move the needle with. You’ve both tip toed the conversation hoping they would turn the corner.  Today, they come to you and say, “I just feel like I am not making any progress”. In this…

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5 Keys To Exercise Selection

5 Keys To Exercise Selection We’ve all been there as a student or young coach — you find yourself in a situation where your mentor is positioned ominously over your shoulder and poses the question, “why did you pick this exercise over something else?”. Inevitably, we all mustered up a rather unrefined response along the…

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3 Key Objectives of an Initial Evaluation

Sweaty palms and nervous jitters cloud my brain as the proctor firmly asks for my diagnoses. “Likely glenohumeral impingement” I sigh out. The proctor nods and the butterfly’s in my stomach scurry away to the pester next victim waiting to enter the exam room.  The initial evaluation is not all its sold to be.  Clinical…

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