How 2 Build Relationships in Your Community

  • Are You Looking to Build Relationships in the Community? 
  • Do You Want More “Warm Leads” to Build Your Business
  • Are You a Physical Therapist Looking to Make Yourself Valuable at Your New Job? 
If you answered YES to any of the above questions, this is for YOU! 
It is no secret that it can be challenging to reach out “Cold” to individuals who may have never heard of you. Whether it be Cold DM’s, Cold E-mails, or Cold Calls, a “Cold Reachout” is something that is uncomfortable for many and often ends up without a response after even the best of attempts. 
Instead of a “Cold Reach Out”, you need to find ways to get Warm Introductions! A “Warm Intro” is an introduction from a trusted individual. Simply put, it is the best way for you to get connected to someone who may open you up to their community. This involves a tactic that I like to call Hunt Your Yard.

The number one thing that you can do on a regular basis, is to hunt your yard. What do I mean by this? You currently have people who are already coming to your yard, whether it be your front yard or back yard, they are already coming on to your property (in-person or virtually) for services. As long as you are doing your best to develop authentic relationships with them, and not just viewing them as a transaction, you will start you learn: 

  • What else they are doing in the community
  • Where they are shopping
  • What other activities they are involved in
  • The groups that they participate in
  • What their kids are doing

And the list could go on! However, recognize that many of the people who are already in your yard, are your exact ideal customer. Why wouldn’t you want to figure out a way to get in front of more of those exact type of customers? Ideally, you start to develop deeper relationships with them (getting to know them beyond their injury), and you get comfortable with “The Ask.”

The Ask is a question which hopefully gains you access to many of the bulleted topics above. 

“Do you mind giving me an introduction to _______?”

To fill in the blank could be a wide variety of different people. This could be: 

  • Orthopedic or Regenerative Medicine Physician
  • Fitness Professional or Owner of a Gym
  • Athletic Director or Coach
  • Rec Commissioner or Director of Club Program
  • Head of Business Networking Group
  • Point of Contact for Veterans or Members of the Military

The Ask gets you in a position where you now have what is called a “Warm Introduction.” You have someone who already has had an amazing experience with your services, who is directly connecting you via text, email or social media message, to an individual who holds one of the positions above. This Warm Intro allows you to skip steps when it comes to validation, and potentially get a meeting set with little effort or cost on your end. These can be HUGE wins with potentially long term ramifications for the benefit of your business.

Moving forward, you ideally will think about this concept during each and every one of your client interactions. There are people that you are serving who are already your brand ambassadors or who will eventually be. So, let them!

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