Reconditioning Process

Where to stat in the Recondition Process

Thoughts from: Jarred Boyd, PT, DPT, MSAT, SCS, CSCS  | Director of Rehab, Memphis Grizzlies

Where to start in the reconditioning process – kinetics or kinematics (or concurrent intervening)

Often I intervene (subsequent to assessment) on the kinetics. In a hierarchy of needs I want to determine if the athlete possess the antecedent force generating affordances (capacity) that may influence the kinematics (strategy) [understanding there could be circular causality]

One example may be illustrated with ACL rupture reconditioning. Attempting to prematurely manipulate kinematics may be futile in nature if the requisite force generating capacity (and its relevant derivatives) are not satisficed. We may observe “excessive” forward trunk lean during landing and or a decreased external knee flexion moment and attempt rectify these via coaching a different movement strategy

However, the strategy is simply a manifestation of the currently available affordances to solve the movement problem. Perhaps skill acquisition and kinematics are not the rate limiters but instead quadriceps “capacity”. Understanding that alternate solutions are acquired (such as a subconscious inclination to limit external knee flexion moment) if quadriceps internal knee extension moment is unable to counter the external moment; hence we may also witness the hip strategy as a way to subconsciously shorten the lever arm

These factors may potentially limit performance potential as kinetics where deemphasized leaving the athlete without appreciable magnitude and rate of force production to decelerate their momentum (mass x velocity); which requires high impulse (force x time) – more tangibly acquired via kinetics.

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