Understanding Compound Interest

Albert Einstein has been quoted as saying “compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. Those who understand it, earn it, and those who don’t, pay it.” In investments and loans, there is often going to be interest. It is the price you pay, or get paid, when money is loaned. The interest can…

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paying student loan

Investing vs. Aggressively Paying Down My Loans?

If you are like most students graduating from PT school, you will come out of school with student loans. In addition to graduating with student loans, you will graduate with questions. LOTS of questions. One of them being, how quickly should I be trying to pay these off?  While everyone’s situation is different, there are…

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payroll taxes understanding

Understanding Your Payroll Taxes

Taxes are inevitable. If you live in this country, you will experience the benefits of what our tax dollars go towards, but also will be responsible for contributing to the funding of those projects, services and initiatives via tax payments. When we work, our earned income is also subject to taxes, often called “Payroll Taxes”….

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Student Loans – What I Learned

5 Things I Learned Paying Off $200k in Student Loans With My Wife My wife and I graduated from undergrad and graduate school with a combined $200k worth of student loans. Her portion were private loans from a Nursing undergraduate degree and mine were federal loans from my DPT degree. We both knew that we…

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